Innovative Precision Metal Stamping Solutions From Horizon

For more than 25 years Horizon Die has enabled its customers’ component design breakthroughs by taking on the most challenging assignments in the design and fabrication of high-speed metal stamping dies and the manufacture of tight-tolerance, precision metal stampings.

Customers in the Telecommunications, Electronics, Medical Device, Automotive, Industrial, Commercial and Consumer markets have come to recognize Horizon’s unmatched capabilities in the manufacturing and automation of the most challenging metal parts and assemblies, while meeting their rigorous quality standards and delivery schedules.

When customers need innovation to stretch the limits of conventional engineering wisdom and do what many say is impossible, Horizon is the go-to team.

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Die Design and Build

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Precision Metal Stamping

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Press-Fit and Compliant Pins

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Bandolier Metal Parts

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Blow Press

Die Components and Inserts 

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Rapid Prototyping 

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 Stamping Automation

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Heavier Gauge Stamping 

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What our customers say…

“The team at Horizon Die exemplifies the finest machine tool and die professionals in the world. Having been in the machine design business for over 35 years, I can say, first hand, that Horizon Die designs and manufactures the finest precision, zero-clearance die sets, punches and matrix plates for accurately blanking metal and rubber. Their steel rule knives, piercing blades and associated mechanisms are rivaled by none. Horizon’s professionalism in sales and maintenance support is unequaled. It is for these reasons I continue to work with Horizon – to assure our company receives the quality and workmanship needed so we can, in turn, provide the high level of quality that our customers demand.”

Paul Zeytoonian, MSME  Engineering Fellow, NP Medical Inc.

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